Customer Responsibility

You (the customer) are responsible for obtaining any and all permits needed for your project from your local township or borough, along with complying with any set back regulations or ordinances. Once a PA One call is made for your property, your township will be automatically notified of the work being done.

You (the customer) are responsible for telling our fence installers where to put your fence. We require you to be home when our fence installers arrive, so they can mark out a string line with you. Once the string line is confirmed you can leave for the day. If you cannot be home for the day of the installation, then we’ll need at least 24 business hours notification to make arrangements to have the job marked out beforehand. We are not responsible for verifying your property lines.

You (the customer) are responsible for removing vegetation and/or debris or anything in the area of the proposed fencing. This includes cutting trees and shrubs back so we have enough room to work. If you need us to do the clearing, that will be charged accordingly, and we are not responsible for any damage done to the vegetation.

Montco Fence is responsible for calling in a PA One call in for any job that involves digging. A PA One call will mark out any underground public utility lines in the area of the proposed fencing (ie: Comcast, Verizon, Peco, etc…). It is your (the customer’s) responsibility to clearly mark out any private underground lines for our fence installers to see (ie: sprinkler system, underground dog fence, any pool lines, lighting, etc…). We are not responsible for any damage made to private lines that are not marked out.

If there are any changes needed to be made to your job, then we’ll need at least 24 business hours of notification. We may need to order material if it’s not already in stock along with the proper amount of time to update your file.

Not all jobs are scheduled in the morning (especially smaller jobs) and we will not know our exact schedule until the day of the job. You are welcome to call our office when we open at 9:00 AM on the day of your job, so we can give you a more accurate time to expect the crew.

Our Wood fences and Chain Link fences are not installed in all one day. We tell you the first day that we’re coming to set your posts in concrete, and that’s the day we’ll need you there to put up a string line. After the poles set in concrete for at least 24 hours, we’ll be back to build the fence, but we don’t tell you what day we’re coming back since we do not necessarily need you home.

The balance for your project is due the day we complete the job, unless prior payment arrangements have been approved by our office. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check or cash. You can either hand one of the crew members the check or cash, or you can call the office to settle up with your credit card over the phone. We consider you (the customer) to have received your invoice with this Customer Responsibility Sheet. If you put your deposit down on a credit card, please note those numbers will not be recorded to run for final payment – you’ll need to give the office a call with the credit card information again.

In order to install fencing we need to sometimes bring in heavy duty machinery and equipment (especially if the yard is at all rocky) and that can sometimes make small ruts in the yard. If we have had prior rain then these ruts are even more likely to happen, like it is the case with any other major construction. As part of their clean up, we do instruct our crews to rake the general area, but they cannot pick up every single rock, stone or piece of dirt that was left over from digging their holes.

After the job is finished we ask all of our customers to walk outside along the entire fence line with the crew to make sure there is nothing they need to change or switch out before they leave. For the first 24 hours please do not slam your gates or put added pressure to the fence, since the concrete is still setting.

Our labor warranty does not cover damage done to the fence/structure due to extremely high winds, hurricane-like conditions, heavy rain or snow storms, “acts of god” or any damage that our company nor our installers have control over.