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Pergola or Gazebo: Which Should You Buy?

Monday, September 27, 2021

You're gazing out the window at your backyard. Your lovely manicured lawn is starting to look more like an empty field lately. And it's unbearable to sit outside in the heat without any respite from the shade!

So, how do you spruce up your outdoor space to make it feel more like home? You'll need a pergola or gazebo. No matter which you choose, both structures are sure to add value to your home. Keep reading for our breakdown on these two outdoor structures so you can decide what's best for your outdoor space!

Pergola Perks and Disadvantages

A pergola is an outdoor feature that has an open lattice design supported by four beams. Pergolas provide a defined, eye-catching feature made from a variety of materials. You can also have a pergola for a small investment, making them less expensive than gazebos.

A pergola is sure to add an architecturally interesting aspect to your backyard while providing partial shade. The lattice design filters sunlight but still has an open roof to let some sunshine in. However, this means you won't get protection from the elements. There are a few more pros and cons to a pergola, but these are a few main ones to consider.

Gazebo Pros and Cons

Gazebos are pavilion structures traditionally with an octagonal shape. Gazebos have a full roof covering and floor, making for a more private outdoor meeting area. More modern gazebos can come in a variety of shapes. 

The full coverage and floor make for a more expensive investment. But, it protects you from rain, snow, and other weather elements. This makes your gazebo usable all year round! You could even add screens to your gazebo to keep pesky insects out, making your gazebo even more protected and private.

Outdoor Spaces for a Pergola

A pergola isn't built with a floor attached like a gazebo, so you'll have to consider that extra cost. You could consider attaching a pergola to the side of an existing structure. That may be best if you have limited outdoor square footage!

If you like to decorate or garden, a pergola presents the perfect opportunity for expressing your design style. You can add finishing touches like twisting vines or lighting fixtures to complete your pergola's look.

If you decide a pergola is for you, take a look at different styles and materials for pergolas to get an idea of what works for your outdoor space.

When to Get a Gazebo

If your experience with gazebos is limited to public parks, think again! Your large yard or garden could be complete with an eye-catching gazebo too.

If you live somewhere with frequent storms and intense weather, a gazebo may win over a pergola for you. Gazebos need more materials for construction, making them more durable over time. Luckily, there are a variety of gazebos with different designs to choose from!

Which Outdoor Structure Is Right for You?

No matter whether you go with a pergola or gazebo, you'll have a place to enjoy the outdoors that's inviting and comfortable. If you're looking for a unique pergola or gazebo specific to your home, make sure to contact the experts.

At Montco Fence, we proudly serve your outdoor needs. From pergolas and gazebos to fences and sheds, we can do it all. Contact us to spruce up your outdoor space today! 
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