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The Ultimate Guide to Chain Link Fences

Monday, August 23, 2021

Whether you’re keeping children or pets in or out, chain link fences are the best option. But where do you start? What kind of chain link fences are there and which one is right for you?

We’ll go over everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the perfect chain link fence for your property.

Why Choose Chain Link Fences?

A chain link fence is an easy choice because it offers so many benefits. Chain link fences are incredibly durable with a lifespan of 15-20 years. For that lifespan, you may think you have to do regular upkeep, but chain link fences are much more low maintenance than any other fencing option.

Chain link fence installation can be done by a professional, but if you have the right tools (and know what you’re doing), you can install your own fence. The cost of a chain link fence is much more affordable than other fencing options, especially when you consider the other benefits we’ve listed.

Best of all, chain link fences come with a variety of options for installation. This gives you the freedom to customize your fence to your needs and preference.

Chain Link Fence Options

Color, size, and accessories all affect the look of your chain link fence, and make it your own. We’ll go over the different options.


By default, chain link fences come in a galvanized steel to protect your fence from weather and rust. This gives your fence the traditional silver look. If you want something that stands out (or blends in), you can opt for an exterior vinyl coating over the steel. This will give you a green or black chain link fence.


Chain link fences come in a variety of heights. For keeping in pets and children, you can go with the 4-foot high fence. This fence provides basic peace of mind but may not keep out neighbors’ ball (and subsequent neighbors retrieving the ball).

For added security or for the high-jumping pet, you can choose the 6-foot high chain link fence.


If you love the cost chain link fence cost but not the visibility it allows, there are many different ways to achieve better privacy. Bamboo screens, vinyl screens, or privacy slats can be attached to your chain link fence to block out nosy neighbors.

Chain Link Fence Parts

Any fence isn’t complete without a gate. Chain link fence gates come in many different widths to cater to narrow paths, sidewalks, or even driveways. You can choose how you want the top of your chain link fence to look: whether the top rail is above or below the edge of the fence. You also can choose the type of fence caps for your chain link fence.

For All Your Fencing Needs

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