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Why Custom Fencing Is a Great Idea

Monday, August 2, 2021

Shopping for fencing near Phoenixville, Pennsylvania? Custom fencing is a great option for improved security, safety, and defining difficult property lines. A custom fence company will design fencing that also enhances the architecture of your home or business.

Read our short guide on how to determine if custom fencing is the best choice for your property needs.

Improved Security

A custom metal fence offers strength and durability. For properties in which keeping intruders out is a priority, a chain link or aluminum fence can be created to work with security features such as remote openers.

Chain link fence made of galvanized steel offers superior strength and the best weather protection. To enhance the beauty of the fence, vinyl coating in green or black is applied. Wooden fence slats, metal slats, or PVC material slats can also be added for enhanced security and privacy. 

Today's aluminum fencing options allow for styles that mimic the look of wrought iron. Compared to wrought iron, an aluminum fence has the strength of steel and offers greater weather and water resistance. It has a lower installation cost and is much easier to maintain. 

Designed for Safety

A fence that has gaps is not secure for young children and small pets. Prefabricated fencing that is mass-produced offers minimal options to adjusting for different slopes and grades to your property. This can result in gaps between slats and beneath the fence.

Having a fence custom designed for your property means that there are fewer gaps between slats and beneath the fence. Heights and widths can be adjusted for slope. Additional materials can be added between slats to offer full concealment and protection from accidents such as children becoming stuck or pets running into the road.

Solutions for Difficult Property Lines

Not all property boundaries are equal. Ideally, a prefab fence works for property lines that are straight and level. Problems occur with prefab fencing when there are slopes and natural interruptions to the line from things such as streams, rock edges, and large trees.

Custom fencing design will work with these natural features to create a secure and well-defined boundary. 

Stylish Options

The decision to choose custom fencing gives you the opportunity to showcase your own personal style.

Whether you choose a custom wood fence or a custom metal fence, an experienced fencing company can take your design ideas and advise you on the proper materials to make an original showpiece. 

Consider both the architectural style of your home or business and your security needs. Custom fence gates can also be designed to complete the look and function of your custom fencing.

Get a Free Estimate for Local PA Custom Fencing 

Montco Fence is a custom fencing company with locations in Limerick and Bechtelsville, PA. With over 45 years of experience, you can count on professional and original work from a licensed and bonded expert team.

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to working with you to create the fence that meets all of your needs for beauty, security, and affordability. 

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