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Vinyl vs. Wood Fence: Which Is Better For Me?

Monday, July 19, 2021

In the United States, over 65% of people are homeowners.

If you are one of them, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered installing, updating, or replacing a fence. Whether you choose to have a wood fence, or a vinyl fence, will come down to some specific considerations. 

Wood Fence 

A wood fence is a fence that is constructed out of hardwood, softwood, or pressure-treated wood. They are the classic fence of Americana, the type of fence that people expect to see outside of a house. However, wood fences also come with some downsides that you need to take into account. 

Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence is made out of a resin, polyvinyl chloride. First created in the late 19th century, this material has since become used almost everywhere, prized for its durability and flexibility. Vinyl fence is a favorite of many because of the fact that it doesn’t need anywhere close to the same level of maintenance as a wooden fence, and won’t break down as fast. 

Why Choose Wood? 

When considering fence materials, most people prize look over all other considerations. In this regard, wood is among the most common choices because of the natural beauty it brings. Redwoods, oak, almost any kind of sturdy wood will make a tough, beautiful fence around your home. 

Why Choose Vinyl?

The reason vinyl fencing has become so popular is durability and lack of maintenance. Once it is installed, there is very little else that needs to be done. A vinyl fence can last for decades with only minimal upkeep, which makes it a very attractive option, especially in harsher climates.

Downsides of Wood

For as beautiful and natural as wood is, it isn’t without problems. Upkeep on a wood fence must be continuous because even a little bit of unprotected board can lead to rot and ruin the fence. This means painting and other regular upkeep is a chore that never goes away. 

Downsides of Vinyl 

The largest downside of vinyl is the increased cost at installation. A vinyl fence is expensive to have constructed, though the cost over time is considerably less than that of other fencing materials. Some people also don’t like the look of vinyl, considering it to look cheap or otherwise not as high quality as wood. 

What’s Best For Me? 

This is something you have to decide for yourself, but most people agree that wood fence benefits far outweigh their negatives. However, over time vinyl fences will pay for the extra cost due to lower maintenance fees. It really all comes down to what you want and how you want your fence to look. 

A Fence And Your Home 

A wood fence or vinyl fence will improve the look of your yard and make it more enjoyable to host guests and enjoy your property. If you need help with wood fence installation or are considering a different material, don’t worry. Montco Fencing is happy to help and will make sure you have the information and materials you need for your home improvement project.

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