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The Benefits of Fencing Your Yard

Monday, June 7, 2021

Have you been thinking about adding a fence to your yard? 

You want to put up a fence, but it's a pretty big decision for a homeowner. 

Fencing your yard will give you home privacy and so many other benefits. The list below will show why installing a fence will benefit you.

Home Privacy

Many homeowners decide to install a fence to have some home privacy.  A fence allows you to be on your property and not have neighbors and people walking by watching your every move.

If this is the main reason you're fencing your yard, let your fencing company know. They'll have recommendations about privacy fences.

Safe Area for Children and Pets

Fencing installation will help with the worry that your pets and children will roam away. They'll have a safe place to play and be in the fresh air. 

You'll be able to do household tasks and not have to worry if they're still out there. 

Better Security

Fencing your yard may help deter would-be intruders. For home security, the fence should be at least six feet in height.

You don't want a backyard that can be accessed too easily. Use a fence, in addition to other security measures.

It will also keep out neighborhood animals that may not be too friendly. 

Real Estate Value

If you install a fence it may add value to your property. A beautiful fence will add curb appeal and attract buyers should you sell in the future. 

Protect Your Yard From Weather

Fencing installation can help protect your yard from extreme weather. A fence can protect your landscape from strong winds. 

Sound Barrier

A fence can offer a sound barrier if you live near a highway or have a noisy neighborhood. 

Who wants to listen to traffic when you're trying to relax in your home. Custom fencing can help in reducing the noise. 

Acts as a Property Barrier

Having a fence installation will set a clear boundary line. You need to know where your property line starts before installing a fence. 

This will also prevent neighbors from putting anything on your property.

Unpleasant View

You may look out from your yard to a not-so-nice view. Maybe you live near a highway or your neighbor's yard is very pleasant to look at. 

When you install a fence you won't have to worry about seeing that. You'll see your beautiful yard and custom fencing.

Distract From Your Property

There may be something about your property you don't love. If your house needs new siding or you need the driveway paved can take away from the looks of the property.

If you add beautiful custom fencing then you could distract from those things. A beautiful fence will be what everyone notices. 

Install a Fence Today

As you can see there are so many benefits to fencing your yard besides home privacy. 

It will be a worthwhile choice to make.

Contact Montco Fence for all your fencing needs today! We are here to help you and to install your custom fencing. 

We build your fence board-by-board ourselves, we never subcontract. Some of your friends and neighbors have probably already hired us, ask around and learn why Montco Fence is the number one family owned and operated fencing contractor for Phoenixville, King of Prussia, Downington, Norristown, Douglassville, Pennsburg, and nearby East Pennsylvania communities. Our services include, but are not limited to: Wood fencing (custom red cedar), PVC/Vinyl fencing, Chain link fencing, Aluminum fencing 

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