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How Much Does an Aluminum Fence Cost?

Monday, April 19, 2021

Aluminum fencing is an ideal choice for humid or damp conditions, but you don't have to live ocean-side to experience the wonderful benefits it offers. When deciding on fence material, consider that it's lightweight, extremely long-lasting, and requires very little maintenance, if any!

There are many benefits of aluminum fencing, but how much will an aluminum fence cost you? Read on to find out the prices you can expect.

Aluminum Fence Cost by Type

By choosing aluminum, you'll pay less for installation and shipping compared to a lot of other materials. And because of its malleability, you'll be able to pick from many different styles. It's also corrosion-resistant, unaffected by lawn chemicals, sprinklers, and rain.

Aluminum fence prices vary depending on many factors. But, the basic materials it takes to build an aluminum fence will cost between $7 and $40 per foot. You can expect your fence to arrive in the form of preassembled panels. These sizes can range from 4' to 8' long and 3' to 6' tall.

Black Aluminum Fence Cost

On average, one 4' x 6' panel costs about $60. There are systems available that consist of locking panels that don't require screws or brackets. These are easier to install an aluminum fence yourself and give a seamless look to your landscape.

Some suppliers offer contoured aluminum fencing that works with the natural contours of your yard. Contractors know how to work with the subtle movement of the soil over time.

Ornamental Fence

Installing an aluminum fence for ornamental purposes will run you between $15 and $40 per linear foot. The price gets up to around $100 per foot for high-end materials. 

These aren't as aesthetically pleasing or quite as sturdy as steel or wrought iron. However, new technology makes it possible to preserve strength without giving up any of the other benefits of aluminum.

Pool Fence

Aluminum is a smart choice when it comes to pool fencing because of it's rust-resistance. One standard 4x6 foot residential fence panel is about $60. Their titanium and aluminum alloys along with the many layers of color coatings, make them great at resisting the weather.

They're conveniently sized at 48 inches tall. This is in alignment with average local ordinances' height requirements.

Powder-Coated Aluminum Fence

Consider buying a 4x6 foot panel that is powder-coated. You'll spend between $50 and $70 on each one. Alternatively, you can have a pro apply this powder coating to a pre-existing fence for only $6-$8 per foot.

This powder coating will protect almost any surface from wear, rust, and corrosion, whether indoors or out. It's a dry finishing process and the cost is less on aluminum than other metals. The size will determine your final price.

Privacy Fence

The average privacy fence panel 6 feet in height can cost between $30 and $40 per linear foot. The cost of an aluminum fence built for privacy depends on a few things:

  1. Is your material 100% aluminum?
  2. Is it powder-coated?
  3. Does it have custom features?

These are beautiful, safe, and environmentally friendly. Hiring a contractor is the smartest choice here because of the large size and need for precision. 

Aluminum Fence Repair Costs

Now you know the answer to "How much is an aluminum fence" But what about repairs? Aluminum fence costs should include future damage as well.

Repairs usually cost between $260 and $730 depending on the type of damage. Aluminum fence repairs range from painting or staining to fixing railings and posts.

DIY or Hire a Contractor?

We can help you acquire a permit, meet residential codes, and find hidden warranties! Let us help you pick out the perfect material and work around landscaping challenges. Making good decisions early on will save you money on your total long-term aluminum fence cost.

Contact Montco Fence today with any questions or to get your quote!

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