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Upgrade Your Fencing for Spring and Summer

Monday, February 15, 2021

While everyone was home last year due to the pandemic, many people made improvements to their properties—especially their yards—which is why fence installation was up 144% last summer. Perhaps you held off on putting up a fence in your yard, or, now, yours needs a pick-me-up.

With spring and summer on their way, this is the best time to upgrade your fencing. If you need some ideas or inspiration about how you can improve it, keep on reading. 

Types of Fencing

There are several reasons you should consider upgrading your fencing, but the big one is that it will increase property value. Choosing which type is best for your yard can sometimes be overwhelming. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of each type. 


When you don't want a fence that requires a ton of maintenance, you should go with aluminum. It doesn't rust easily, and if dirt gets on it, all you have to do is hose it off. 

An aluminum fence is more expensive than a wooden fence, and it's not great if for privacy and security. However, if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly, sleek-looking fence that will save you money in the long run, this is the right choice for you. 


Speaking of a low maintenance material that is easy to clean, PVC is another wonderful option for these reasons. It doesn't rot or chip, plus there are a variety of decorative customizations you make to it.

Additionally, you can order a PVC fence tall enough to provide your space with extra privacy and security. Unlike aluminum, though, it is not environmentally-friendly because it is plastic. 


There are many different types of wood you can choose to use for your fence, including pine, cedar, and redwood. This material is the most sustainable, especially if you used recycled materials. 

While it is one of the cheapest options out there, it does require a bit of maintenance. Wood warps easily, and if you use a colored stain, you'll have to touch it up about every five years

Chain Link

These aren't the most attractive fences on the market but can withstand all types of weather. They're not great privacy-wise either because they are see-through, but this is useful for people with gardens, as the fence cannot block the sunlight from reaching your plants. 

Fun Ideas for the Spring and Summer

Fences don't just have to exist for the sole purpose of protecting your property or keeping your pets in an enclosed space. If you don't have a large yard, but you love growing plants, feel free to incorporate your fence into your garden. Plant or pot your flowers near the bottom of your fence, and they'll crawl up it as they grow, adding a nice decorative element to your yard.  

Aluminum fences, or any fence you can add hooks to, are perfect for hanging plants. You could string lights from hook to hook so that you can spend time in your yard during those cool summer nights as well. 

Upgrade Your Fence Now

Before spring and summer arrive, and the cost of landscaping and home improvements rise, get your fence improved now. If you live in or nearby Limerick, Pennsylvania, look no further than Montco Fence.

We are a contracting company with a vast selection of fencing materials and other outdoor products that will take your yard to the next level. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. 

Whether you're looking to improve the look and curb appeal of your home, you need protection and safety for pets or children, or you just want attractive and functional fencing installed, we can help you. Our services include, but are not limited to: Wood fencing (custom red cedar), PVC/Vinyl fencing, Chain link fencing, Aluminum fencing. 

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