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What Kind of Concrete Is Best Used for Putting up a Fence

Monday, February 8, 2021

There are many reasons to install a fence in your yard. You may be looking for some privacy if there are a lot of homes close to each other, for example.

You may have young kids and would like them to be able to play outside without them running out into the street. You might want to keep wild animals or neighboring dogs out so your dog is safe and free to roam.

While there are many different types of fencing available, they are all installed in a similar way. Concrete is required to hold down the posts underground. What kind of concrete you choose depends on what kind of fencing you choose, the size of the fence, and your local weather conditions.

Are you wondering when to use certain fencing and what kind of concrete is best? Keep reading for all the answers.

Different Types of Fencing

The type of fencing you choose depends on your goal or goals.

Are you looking for privacy? Need to keep children and animals in, or other animals out? Do you want something that complements the look of your house?

For those looking to contain small children and animals, a classic white picket fence is an option. This style is also very aesthetically pleasing.

If aesthetic doesn't matter, a chain-link fence could work. Or, if you want the most elegant type of fence, a metal picket fence is an option, though much more expensive. These types of fences range from 3-5 feet tall and are completely see-through.

If a privacy fence is the goal, likely for the backyard, a solid wood or solid vinyl fence is taller and doesn't contain any gaps. Even if you have neighbors close by, it won't feel like they are always in your yard anymore. 

You can also get solid fencing made of composite materials. It will look like real wood but last much longer and require less maintenance. In addition, there are many other ideas for those looking to build a custom-made fence.

Different Types of Concrete

When choosing concrete for your fence, remember that concrete and cement are not the same things. Concrete is used to bind things together.

In the case of a fence post, it binds to the wood and holds posts in place. Cement, on the other hand, is used for surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and countertops. 

Different types of concrete options for home projects include fast-setting concrete, high-strength concrete, and all-purpose cement for certain applications.

What Kind of Concrete Should You Use?

Those looking for concrete to use for fence posts in their yard usually opt for fast-setting concrete. High-strength concrete is used for things like foundations and holding heavy equipment in place.

Fence posts generally don't require heavy-duty concrete. Just be sure to follow the best practices when installing your fence post to ensure it is strong, stable, and can withstand wind.

Professional Fencing Installation

Many people opt to install their own home fences. However, it's a hard job, and you need special tools.

You need to set the posts just right, and it requires meticulous planning and measuring to ensure your fence posts are aligned and perfectly spaced. You also need to determine what kind of concrete is best for your fence and soil type.

If you'd like your fence installed correctly the first time, be sure to contact us at Montco Fence to get a quote for your Pennsylvania home. 

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