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More Than A Fence: Your Chain Link Fence Options

Monday, January 18, 2021

A fence around your yard is a must for privacy and security, especially if you have kids or pets who need to be corraled.

Chain link fencing is an affordable and popular way to keep your family, home, and your commercial business safe and your property well-defined to the outside eye.

Made of aluminum or galvanized steel, a chain link fence is built to withstand weather and can provide as much privacy as you need.

What you may not know is that there are chain link fence options that can meet your design needs. Read on to learn more.

Types of Chain Link Fences

There are different types, sizes, and styles of chain-link fences you can choose from to fit your particular situation. 

Most residential homes have a 4 or 5-foot high fence, but you can go lower or higher. Homes near the woods might go with a higher fence to discourage deer. If your yard boasts a tennis or basketball court, a higher fence might also be a good idea.

Commercial properties often use chain-link fences that are topped with razor wire that sticks up for added protection. Barbed wire is another option for commercial spaces that need extra security. 

Fences made of a heavier gauge galvanized steel are more expensive than standard gauge fences but are also stronger. If you don't like the industrial look of a galvanized fence, you can choose to add a vinyl PVC coating to the fence in a color of your choice. While coating adds a little extra cost, it does help keep the fence from rusting.

Chain-Link Fence Decorations

What if the idea of a chain-link fence offends your sense of style? There are ways you can jazz up the look of any chain link fence, such as:


Tired of grey, green, or black? Today's chain link fences can be ordered in all kinds of different colors and finishes. But if you inherit a fence and can't afford to replace it, you can always paint it. Make sure you use rust-resistant paint to do the job.

Reed, Bamboo, Vinyl Strips

Weaving wooden or bamboo slats through the chain-link openings create a nice look and give you the added benefit of more privacy. 

Vinyl strips do the same thing, but with these, you have a wider choice of colors and designs, so your fence becomes a work of art.

Plastic Cups 

This type of decor is usually found at school stadiums but is very eye-catching. Putting different colored plastic cups into the fence openings allows you a world of designs and effects. Some companies even sell cups specially made to be fence decor.


Crawling vines and plants of varying heights can beautify a chain-link fence in an ecologically-sound way. Morning glories and ivy work well as well as roses if you are ambitious.

Explore Chain Link Fence Options

Don't settle for an old, rusty chain-link fence or assume you are stuck with only one type or style of fencing.

Your fence professionals can help you explore chain link fence options so you can create a fence that is both functional and good-looking.

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, contact us for all your fence needs. We specialize in quality fence options at affordable prices.


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