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5 Common Fence Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Monday, December 21, 2020

A fence is a handy way to avoid property disputes and keep pets and children within bounds. Quality fences deter thieves, stop trespassers, and keep pests out.

Yet, homeowners must remember that owning a fence is a big responsibility. You need to keep your fence in top condition or it might start breaking down. Take a look at this list of fence maintenance mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Understanding Your Responsibility

When you get a new fence or buy a property that has one, you should learn what it demands of you. Learn how much time cleaning and repairing the kind of fence you'll have takes.

If you don't have time or a good fence maintenance budget, you might find you bit off more than you can chew.

2. Not Using a Fence Maintenance Schedule

A well-planned fence maintenance strategy is key to keeping your fence intact. Study up and plan out the tasks you need to do, and when. 

If you get used to taking care of your fence on a regular schedule, you can make time in your life for it. That way, fence care won't feel like a hassle.

3. Holding off on Fence Repairs

If you hold off on little fixes, you'll end up paying for big repairs. Doing regular repair jobs yourself or even paying professionals to do it is less expensive than waiting until your fence is broken down to start working on it.

If you slack off too much, you might have to replace your whole fence! That costs a lot more than replacing a piece here and there.

4. Failing to Clean Your Fence

A dirty fence doesn't make a good impression, but cleaning fences isn't for looks alone.

If you don't buy the right fence cleaning tools and don't follow a cleaning schedule, dirt, moss, rust, and other grime might break your fence down. Nobody wants to pay for expensive repairs because they didn't take the time to clean their fence.

5. Following Generic Advice

You might not have considered that different kinds of fences have varying care requirements.

A fence is a fence, right? Think again!

If you follow that logic and use the first fence care tips you see, you might wreck your fence by doing the wrong things. The care that works for one fencing material might not work for another, or you could do something that compromises the fence structure.

For example, you wouldn't want to follow tips intended for maintaining a wooden picket fence if you have a vinyl picket fence. You might notice if the tips are for chain-link fences, but then again, you might not! If you followed those tips when working on your wooden fence, you could damage it.

Look into the specific requirements for the type of fence you have in order to be sure you're doing the right things.

Avoid Fence Maintenance Mistakes With New Fencing

Now that you're familiar with these fence maintenance mistakes, you have a better idea of how to maximize your fence's lifespan.

If you want a new fence or need to replace an old one, contact Montco Fence. We have the skills to make your next custom fence a success.

Whether you're looking to improve the look and curb appeal of your home, you need protection and safety for pets or children, or you just want attractive and functional fencing installed, we can help you. Our services include, but are not limited to: Wood fencing (custom red cedar), PVC/Vinyl fencing, Chain link fencing, Aluminum fencing. 

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