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How to Clean a Wood Fence in 4 Steps

Monday, November 23, 2020

Just like any other aspect of your home, your wood fence needs cleaning on a regular basis. Although regular cleaning isn't required to keep your wooden fence standing tall and sturdy, it's an important part of the fence's maintenance routine to ensure cleanliness, aesthetics, and to ensure it stays in the best condition possible.

Do you know how to clean a wood fence? Wood fence maintenance might be easier than you expect. In the guide below, you'll learn 4 simple steps to take in order to remove dirt and debris from your wooden fence.

Continue reading below to find out everything you need to know!

1. Scrub Your Fence With a Brush

The first step to getting your fence clean is to scrub it with a wire brush. If your wood fence is painted, then you'll want to ensure you don't scrub the painted area too roughly. Otherwise, use the scrub brush to remove all dirt and debris that's built-up on the fence. 

Any hard to remove and stuck on grime should scrape off easily when using a wire scrub brush. 

2. Rinse It Off With the Hose

Once you've loosened up all the dirt and grime, you can then rinse it off with your regular garden hose. This step is only to remove all the stains and dirt that's loose on the fence. You should then be left with only the more stubborn stains. 

Use the garden hose on medium to high pressure and be sure to rinse down the entire fence. 

3. Use a Cleaning Solution

The next step is to mix together a cleaning solution to clean the fence. There are commercial wood cleaners you can buy, which will work well. You can visit your local home improvement store and find a wood cleaner specifically for wooden fences. 

Follow the directions for the best results. Otherwise, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water with the help of some baking soda. You'll spray the vinegar on the fence and use your wire scrub brush with baking soda to then scrub it clean. This is a great choice when needing to tackle mildew and mold stains. 

4. Gently Power Wash

If needed, you can also power wash your wood fence. When choosing to power wash your wooden fence, do be sure to use it on the lowest setting. If the pressure is too high, you can damage the fence. 

You'll also want to use the 25-degree tip for a more gentle wash. Be sure to stand a couple of feet back and use the pressure washer in long strokes. If you're unsure how to use one, then don't hesitate to contact a professional for help. 

Now You Know How to Clean a Wood Fence

Now that you know how to clean a wood fence and how to maintain it, it's time to consider purchasing a new fence for your home. The decision to install a new fence is a great one when your old fence is too damaged to repair or clean properly. 

Contact us today and our friendly and knowledgeable team will get back to you shortly about different fence options!

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