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Let Your Creativity Shine With These Fence Decoration Ideas

Monday, November 2, 2020

Are your fences looking a little drab?

Fences are great for their functional purpose: keeping your yard private and safe and containing pets and children, but they're not always pretty.

Even a well-built fence that matches your home's aesthetic might need some sprucing up now and again. But how do you decorate a fence? It's not like decorating a wall indoors, you need to have decorations that will stand up to the outdoors. 

We have a few fence decoration ideas that will add flair to your yard. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite decorations for your fence-enclosed outdoor space.

Vertical Gardens

Gardening is a hot topic this year, and for good reason! It's calming, mindful, and it results in some gorgeous (or tasty) plants.

Vertical gardens are easy to set up and they can hang on any fence. They help to turn your fence into a beautiful "living wall" and they add much-needed greenery to your yard. Why not give it a try? 


There's been a trend going around of people hanging mirrors in their outdoor spaces. You take a vintage mirror, make sure you've made it waterproof with some kind of sealant, and you hang it on the fence.

These mirrors catch sunlight and add a quirky and unique style to your yard. Bonus: they're great for the occasional face-check when you're having outdoor parties or gatherings.


Bright and decorative birdhouses are a great way to make your fence easy on the eyes and animal-friendly.

You can make the birdhouses yourself if you're crafty or you can buy pre-made ones. If your yard has a specific aesthetic, paint the birdhouses to match.

Hang them all over your wooden fences to make a bird neighborhood! This is a decoration that makes for a super sweet look. 

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights (or string lights) make great outdoor holiday decorations but you can use the white ones year-round to make a calming space outside. 

Hang these lights on your fence or wind them through if your fencing allows for it. For the holidays you can add a burst of color or you can keep the soft glow year-round. String lights are a popular choice for a patio so why not spread the light to your fence? 

DIY Shelving

We have so much shelving indoors, why not bring some of it outside? This is a great way to display your favorite pots and plants, outdoor decorations, and any temporary decor items (like for the holidays).

If you put the shelves in your favorite sunbathing spot you can even use them as a great place to set down your books and drinks temporarily.

You can make shelving out of old planters, wooden boxes, or you can set up shelves as if you were doing it indoors. What suits your yard?

Which of These Fence Decoration Ideas Is Your Favorite?

We love these fence decoration ideas. Your fence is like an outdoor wall; why would you leave it bare? Spruce it up with some cute decorations and make your neighbors jealous!

If you don't yet have the fence of your dreams to decorate, we want to help! Visit our site and contact us to learn about how you can get a fence installed right away!

We build your fence board-by-board ourselves, we never subcontract. Some of your friends and neighbors have probably already hired us, ask around and learn why Montco Fence is the number one family owned and operated fencing contractor for Phoenixville, King of Prussia, Downington, Norristown, Douglassville, Pennsburg, and nearby East Pennsylvania communities. Our services include, but are not limited to: Wood fencing (custom red cedar), PVC/Vinyl fencing, Chain link fencing, Aluminum fencing.

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