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Make the Neighbors Jealous: 5 Benefits of a Detached Garage

Monday, October 5, 2020

Are you trying to decide between building an attached or detached garage? If so, you aren't alone! Seventy-six percent of single-unit homes have a garage or some sort of car coverage. 

A detached garage can be a great addition to your home and make it stand out from other houses in your neighborhood. Read on to learn 5 great benefits of a detached garage!

1. Make Your Home Safer

You can make your home a safer place to live when you build a detached garage.

If you are like many Americans, you may store cleaning supplies, weed killer, or other poisonous products in your garage. These items can be harmful to the health of you and your family members. 

The emissions of a gas-powered vehicle are also dangerous for your health. Parking cars in a detached garage instead of one that's connected to your home will help you live a safer life.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

An often overlooked benefit of having a detached garage is that it gives you the chance to get some fresh air. Whether you have a 2 car detached garage or a single car unit, keeping the garage separate from the house means you have to walk outside to get to your vehicle.

Although going outside may be a concern at first, you can decide on a covered walkway to keep you dry as you walk into and out of your home.

3. Limit Access to Your Home

A detached garage gives other people limited access to your home. This is beneficial to you and your family because it can prevent an intruder from entering your home. 

When you have an attached garage, a burglar can pry open the large garage door or slip through an unlocked side door to gain entry into your home. When you have a detached garage, you minimize the entry points into the house.  

4. A Quiet Place to Live

Building a detached garage will help make your home a more peaceful and quiet place to live. Whether its vehicles entering or exiting the garage or a weekend do-it-yourself project, there's the noise generated by these activities.

When you have an attached garage, it can be challenging to avoid loud noises when a garage door opens or closes. When you detach your garage, these noises will be kept separate from your house. 

5. Customization

Your detached garage can be customized to the unique needs of you and your family. This is a great benefit for your family because you can make it whatever you want.

For example, you may decide to build a living space above the garage to give a relative somewhere to stay, or for use as a rental space for generating income.

Wrapping Up: Build a Detached Garage Today

Building a detached garage can make your home different from others on your block. Besides the benefits we've mentioned, the house will have a different look that gives it some added character. 

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