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How to Maintain Your Fence: A Guide

Monday, September 21, 2020

There's nothing as unsightly as a neighbor's old, dilapidated fence, worn down by years of exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and whatever else has been thrown its way. You don't want to become that neighbor, do you?

Having to maintain fence sections and your entire fence should be an annual or bi-annual activity, depending on the level of maintenance required. And you don't need to be super handy to keep your fence looking its best. Diligence and a watchful eye will go a long way in helping your fence retain its aesthetic appearance.

So read on to learn how to maintain your new fence and develop good habits before it becomes too late.

How to Maintain a Wood Fence

Maintaining a wood fence sounds harder than it is, and aside from the occasional re-staining, it won't take much effort at all. If your new wood fence is made of pressure-treated lumber then you've got lumber that has been chemically treated to resist moisture. That's a good thing because moisture is wood's enemy.

There are non chemically treated wood options too. Red cedar boards naturally resist moisture and have a beautiful appearance all their own. 

Keep Away Moisture

To maintain your wood fence and ensure it will last for a couple of decades, clear the soil away from the bottom. You want to leave a gap between the fence and the soil/mulch. Soil is usually wet and prolonged contact with wet soil will quickly rot the bottom of your boards. Leave a gap under your fence to establish proper airflow.

Keep Vegetation at Bay

Also, cut back all vegetation from making contact with the fence. Any hedges or tree branches should be at least a few inches off of the fence. This will reduce moisture absorption and the transference of insects. 

Staining Your Wood Fence

Staining a wood fence is part of regular maintenance and should be done every couple of years, or when it looks like it needs it. Using a high-quality wood stain will keep your fence looking fresh while providing adequate moisture protection.  

Staining a fence by hand can be a painstakingly long process. Using an air sprayer will speed up the job ensure a nice even coating. If your fence has developed that green tinge of mossy growth, give it a good pressure washing first. 

Remember to cover up any bushes, flowers, house trim, or anything else nearby the fence that shouldn't receive stain. 

Power Washing PVC

PVC fences are a great long-lasting, low maintenance fence option. There's really not much that needs to be done to care for your PVC fence except to keep it clean. A quick power washing once a year will keep it looking fresh. And simply hosing it off with a garden hose will keep the dirt off of it in between cleanings. 

Maintain Fence Plan

Now that you've learned what it takes to maintain fence options, don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any further questions. We are fence pros and are here to help! Let our many years of experience in the industry guide you to the best fence maintenance plan.  

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