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How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

Monday, July 13, 2020

There's a reason why the white-picket-fence represents the American Dream. The fence symbolizes security, stability, and success. 

Our society values homes and families as top achievements. Well-kept homes communicate that.

If you're among the 65.3% of US homeowners, you may have considered what makes the best fence material. Wood for fences continues to be the preference for obtaining the idealized suburban, family look.

Depending on why you want your fence, you may be wondering, how long does a wood fence last? Here's what you need to know.

How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

Wood fencing materials break down into three main types: cedar, pine, and spruce. The general answer is wooden fences, if treated, can last up to 15 years. That said, these variables can influence how long your fence lasts.

Type of Wood

Cedar's the longest-lasting wood for fences, which is why it's the most popular. Spruce and pine don't last as long but remain valuable investments for niche projects. If you want a strong fence for a couple of decades, consider the following factors.

Reason for Wooden Fence

The reason for your fence can influence what type of fence lasts the longest. Ask yourself:

  • Is your fence for aesthetic or functional purposes?
  • Are you fencing the whole yard or parts of it?
  • How will the fence impact your neighbors?
  • Are you keeping animals in or out?
  • How will the fence impact the surrounding plants and flowers?
  • How does the fence complement your house's style?

Knowing your fence's why can influence your wood fencing materials, as well as how long it'll last.

Wooden Fence Considerations

Now that you've considered how a fence impacts your home, you can look at other factors. 

  1. How does wood relate to your climate? 
    • Wet climates make some wood more prone to rot and decay
  2. How might a wooden fence increase your property value?
    • Are you looking for a fence to last you and your family 20 years, or to increase your home value for resale?
  3. What type of maintenance will it need?
    • Rot-resistant wood increases longevity
    • Periodic painting and staining keeps wood healthy
    • Periodic cleaning helps remove dirt and debris 
  4. Are you planning to DIY or hire a contractor
    • Who installs the fence's panels, posts, and rails can impact how long it will last

If done right, the answer to how long does a wood fence last? should be a very long time. 

Find Your Perfect Fence

There's nothing like a sturdy fence to establish your home from another's. Not only do wooden fences gift you with keeping others out, but they safely keep you in. 

Anyone can give you a range when answering, how long does a wood fence last? but Montco Fence offers specifics based on your preferences.

While individual fences vary in lifespan, wood remains a historic fencing material. Get a free estimate with us today to see for yourself why wood fences withstand the test of time!

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