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A Simple Guide to Removing Rust From Your Fence

Monday, July 6, 2020

Your home's fence has a large impact on the curb appeal and aesthetics of your home. It keeps the family and pets inside and keeps unwanted visitors outside. An old rusted fence not only looks bad, but it's dangerous as well. 

When a fence starts to rust, you run the risk of pets and young children getting hurt when playing near it. To keep your home and family safe and beautiful, you'll need to start removing rust from your fence. Luckily, removing the rust from your fence is a simple job that can be done by any homeowner.

Continue reading to learn all the steps you should take to bring your fence back to its original glory!

Sand It Down

The first thing you'll want to do is use a rotary tool to sand the fence down. You can use a stainless steel or an aluminum oxide wheel on your rotary tool to remove the rust from your iron fence. 

Once you've sanded down the rusted areas on your fence, you should then use mineral spirits on a damp cloth to remove the leftover debris from the fence. Any old paint on the fence should be removed as well, which can be done with the rotary tool or a sander.

Apply Primer

You'll now want to ensure your fence can fight off future rust. You can rustproof the fence by using a chemical neutralizer purchased at a local home improvement store. Take a wire brush and apply it to your fence. 

When done, apply a primer. The primer should also be a rust-resistant primer. Apply a few different coats of primer and then finish it with a mix of primer and paint conditioner. This will leave your fence with a smooth surface. 

Repaint It

When the primer dries, you can then repaint your fence. Use a rust-resistant paint on your fence as well. You should apply two thick even layers of paint on the fence. 

The combination of primer and paint will protect your fence from moisture and oxygen, which gives rust the perfect environment. 

Replace It

Removing rust from your fence is a fairly simple process, but some fences are too far gone to revive. If you're unable to remove rust from your fence due to too much corrosion or the entire fence being covered in rust, then it might be time to replace it.

If you choose to replace your fence, be sure to know how to maintain a metal fence to prevent rust from appearing again. 

Removing Rust From Your Fence Is a Breeze!

If you have a metal fence of any kind, then removing rust is something you should know how to do. Use this guide above to help you throughout the process, and your metal fence will be rust-free in no time!

Are you ready to replace your fence?

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