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5 Pro Tips to Cleaning Your Wood Fence

Sunday, May 17, 2020
Your guests are coming over for a backyard pool party, but your wood fence looks an absolute mess. Bringing it back to life can be easy.
If you want your wood fence to look brand new, follow these 5 pro tips for cleaning:

1. Use an Electric Pressure Washer

You can rent or buy an electric pressure washer to clean your wood fence. For more power, you can use a gas-powered pressure washer. If you have never used a pressure washer before, it is recommended to stick with electric because gas-powered may be too much for you.
Before using an electric pressure washer, make sure a power outlet is available. This could be inconvenient if your fence is large and the outdoor outlet is far away. In this case, a gas pressure washer may be necessary.
Before using a gas-powered pressure washer on your fence, practice with it. Get used to how the power feels in your hands before cleaning your wood fence.

2. Protect Grass and Plants

Cleaning your wood fence with a pressure washer could damage the grass and plants in the surrounding areas. The high power can loosen dirt and spray it along your yard. This could get especially messy.
You can protect the grass and plants around your wood fence by covering them with a plastic sheet. A tarp will protect your delicate flower, the shrubs, and keep everything intact.

3. Use Cold Water

Wood fences need to be cleaned with cold water. Luckily, if you are using a pressure washer, they are set with cold water.
Most pressure washers that are available to rent will only have a cold water option. If you use a higher-ranked pressure washer, it may have cold and hot options. Be sure to always use the cold water option.
Using cold water is one of the most important tips to clean a wood fence. Hot water will destroy your fence by raising the wood grains. This could make staining or sealing your wood fence harder.
If you do not rent or buy a pressure washer to clean your wood fence, there are other options. Your garden hose will suffice.

4. Spray Even Strokes

When cleaning your wood fence, you should be standing about two feet away from it. Slowly move the tip of the pressure washer or hose back and forth with even movements.
Evenly washing your fence will make all parts look brighter. Spray the whole length of the fence until it visibly looks better.

5. Remove Debris

Removing heavy debris can be the hardest part of cleaning your wood fence. A stainless steel wire brush can scrape off the heavy debris. This will get rid of stuck-on dirt and grime. 
Don't scrub too hard with the wired brush. This could cause the paint on the fence to diminish.

Clean Your Wood Fence

Now that you know how to clean your wood fence, you can get started! Bringing your fence back to life and making it brand new does not have to be difficult.
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