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Provide the Best Yard for Your Pup: 5 Tips for a Dog Friendly Backyard

Monday, December 30, 2019

Did you know that Americans own around 90 million dogs?

Although dogs can live in any type of environment, they thrive when they have a nice backyard to play in.

Do you want to know how you can create a dog-friendly backyard? Keep reading to learn about 5 important yard solutions for dogs.

1. Every Dog-Friendly Backyard Should Have a Fence

The top reason why every pet owner should have a fence is to prevent the dog from running away or even getting attacked by another animal. Other benefits include having the ability to let your dog run around off-leash and having privacy to stop your dog from barking at everything they see all day.

2. Be Aware of Certain Plants, Pesticides, and Other Dangers to Your Dog

In order to have a pet-friendly yard, you need to be aware of any plants that your dog could eat.

Checking out this list will help you stay educated on which plants are safe and which can be poisonous to your dog. Pesticides and other chemicals that are used on lawns can also be toxic, so make sure your dog doesn't get exposed to anything harmful.

3. The Best Backyard for Dogs Are Clean and Comfortable

Sometimes the best way to brainstorm backyard ideas for dogs is to get into the mindset of a dog. If you had to spend lots of time outdoors, what would make you feel the most comfortable?

Having a shelter that can provide shade is one of the most important features. Setting out a water bowl and replacing it regularly can keep your pet hydrated and prevent bugs from soiling it. Setting up a comfy bed or outdoor couch will give them the perfect place to lounge.

Another minor detail you should stay on top of is cleaning up your dog's poop often so they have a clean space to play.

4. Don't Forget Toys

If you want to turn your backyard into a dog oasis, you'll need to have plenty of toys to entertain them. You can keep things simple by buying regular toys at the pet store, or you could get creative by building a fun ramp, a mini lake, or another structure that makes the landscape more exciting.

5. Make Sure the Ground Doesn't Get Too Hot

One thing many pet owners forget to consider is that the ground can get too hot for a dog to walk on safely.

Grass and mulch are materials that stay cool, but your dog could create a big mess if they're left unsupervised. Flagstone, brick, and soft pebbles are other landscaping materials that are gentle on paws.

Your Pet Will Love These Dog-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Now that you know how to create a dog-friendly backyard, you can keep your pet happy and safe. Although these ideas are a great place to start, supervising your dog whenever they're outside is the best way to prevent any accidents.

Are you ready to build the backyard of your dog's dreams? If so, Montco Fence & Superior Structures would love to help with any fencing job. Contact us to learn more about our services and to book your appointment.

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