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Keep Your Fence Looking Fabulous: How to Clean a PVC Fence

Monday, December 23, 2019

Since the beginning of property lines, wood was king for building fences.

However, times are changing. More homeowners are opting for PVC as their fencing material of choice. It's pretty, durable, and increases resale value.

When you install your PVC fence, the first few months are amazing. The panels are clean and the look is tidy!

Flash-forward a few more months and you don't have a pristine PVC fence any longer.

There are a few tips and tricks for cleaning your PVC fence. They don't take much time and most don't make much money. Here's how to clean a PVC fence.

Dirt Happens - How to Clean a PVC Fence

All kinds of things can lead to our PVC fences getting dirty.

Lawn maintenance can kick up dirt and debris. Storms can muddy up our posts and panels. Even just daily occurrences can lead to a build-up of dirt and grime.

Most PVC fences are a shade of white or off-white. It's easy to see when the fence needs a good washing.

Here are some options for the best way to clean a vinyl fence.

DIY Wipe Down

This is the easiest method for vinyl fence cleaning. The best part is that it can be totally free.

When dirt, grime, and mildew begin to show up on those once-white fence panels, it's time to grab some distilled white vinegar and a bit of water.

Vinegar has the ability to remove all kinds of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Mix about a cup of vinegar to 1-2 gallons of water - that's it.

The quickest way to apply this DIY cleaner is to grab a mop and a bucket with your vinegar/water cleaner. Dunk the mop, clean the fence, and voila - you're done.

Chemically Clean

When trying to figure out how to clean a PVC fence, there are all kinds of chemicals and solutions that you can find.

Here are some of the most popular options for vinyl fence cleaning:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (best for spot cleaning)
  • Bleach
  • Specialized cleaners

If you wander up and down the household cleaning aisles of any home improvement store, you can easily find a specific PVC fence cleaner. Many times, these are expensive and can be pretty toxic. However, they'll definitely get the fence clean.

Pressure Washer

Before recommending this method, please take some precautions.

Pressure washers can be tricky to use and can be a bit dangerous. Start with the lowest setting to see what works best for your fence. Avoid using any high settings on your pressure washer. This could do damage to your fence panels and posts.

The best way to use a pressure washer to clean your fence is to start at the top and work your way to the bottom. You can add a cleaning solution to the process to really make the fence shine.

Using a specialized cleaning solution will work just fine. If you want to keep costs low, then just stick with some soap and water or diluted bleach.

Wash That Fence!

When your beautiful white PVC fence begins to show signs of dirt and grime, it's time to clean. Knowing how to clean a PVC fence isn't as difficult as you may have imagined!

Cleaning doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or physically intense. You just need to find the method that works best for you and your fence.

Are you wishing that you had an easy, low-maintenance PVC fence? Give us a call. We can help you find the perfect PVC fence to add both privacy and curb appeal.

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