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Everything You Need to Know About Building a Fence on Your Property Line

Monday, December 16, 2019

Building a fence on your property enhances your yard and also provides extra privacy. But if you're not careful, you could wind up installing that fence outside your property boundaries.

Not understanding fencing rules or etiquette is one of the most common reasons for neighbor disputes. But by taking the time to prepare and understand the rules beforehand you can prevent an unwanted feud.

Are you planning on building a fence on your property line? If so, make sure you understand the laws and etiquette regarding fences first.

Rules on Building a Fence on Your Property Line

Fences between neighbors can be beneficial to both parties if installed the right way. Understand which steps to take before you begin building to ensure you follow proper fence etiquette.

Find Your Property Line

Unless you and your neighbor agree differently, fences on the boundary line belong to both property owners. But you still don't want to encroach on your neighbor's property.

If you're building a fence on a property line, hire a professional land surveyor to determine your boundaries. This way, you won't have to worry about tearing the fence down if it's over the line.

Check Zoning Regulations

Although there is no set standard for fence height on residential properties, your city has its own regulations. Common height limitations are between three to four feet in the front yard and six feet in the backyard.

If your property sits on a corner lot, the regulations may differ. Check the local ordinances in your area and make sure you follow those guidelines. 

Follow HOA Rules

Before you place a fence, make sure your homeowner's association allows it. Some fence styles look beautiful on your lot but may block your neighbor's view. On properties where outdoor views are one of the main draws, this can cause a major issue.

Check your HOA rules regarding fence styles, colors, and height beforehand to avoid a costly mistake.

Further Tips to Avoid Disputes

Although these aren't set rules, these tips can help keep you and your neighbor on good terms.

Before you begin your project, talk to your neighbor. Let them know what to expect and the steps you're taking to ensure you're following the rules.

If you plan on installing a fence with backer rails, give your neighbors the "good side" of the fence. Otherwise, a double-sided privacy fence or a fence style that's the same on both sides keeps you both happy.

Make sure to keep up the maintenance of your fence to keep your yard looking good. Protect your fence in winter as well as summer to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Taking the Next Step

Are you ready to begin building a fence on your property line? If you are, make sure you follow the above property line rules to avoid a dispute with your neighbor.

Once you've determined your property lines and followed all local ordinances and regulations, it's time to take the next step.

We'll help walk you through the process and get started building your new fence. Contact us today to get an estimate and discuss your options.

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