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5 Benefits of Installing a PVC Fence

Monday, December 9, 2019

Fencing plays the dual role of both protecting your property from intruders and animals and serving as a large aesthetic space for your landscaping. This means that the material that you choose for your fence has to be both durable and beautiful.

While there are tons of fencing materials to choose from, PVC fencing is by far one of the most popular. PVC (sometimes called vinyl) fencing is extremely common for good reasons. Keep reading for five of the top benefits of choosing to install a PVC fence in your yard. 

1. A PVC Fence Is Low Maintenance

The major benefit of PVC fencing is that it is very low maintenance. It does not suffer from pest damage, won't warp or twist with water exposure, won't rot, and obviously will not rust either. In fact, the only thing you have to do to a PVC fence to clean it is to spray it down with a pressure washer. 

Vinyl's resistances boosts the overall durability of your fence and extends its lifespan. This means that there are very few long-run costs associated with a PVC fence, and you won't have to concern yourself about yearly maintenance or doing repairs on damaged sections. 

2. Vinyl's Light Weight Makes Installation Easy

Another thing of note about vinyl fencing is that it is very lightweight. This means that the installation process is much easier and quicker. This can save you money on labor costs and means that your yard won't be subjected to construction for a long period. 

3. PVC Fencing Can Mimic Other Materials

A key aesthetic benefit of choosing vinyl for your fence is that it can mimic the appearance of other materials, like wood. This means that you can enjoy the practical benefits of PVC while still having a more rustic appearance of a wooden fence. 

4. Vinyl Fences Are Colored Through And Through

Another aesthetic benefit of choosing a PVC fence is that the material is colored all the way through, not just painted on the surface. This means that minor cuts and surface damage will not show up, extending the overall lifespan of your fence. 

5. Greater Customization Options Than Other Fencing Materials

Since vinyl is a type of molded plastic, it means that there are endless options available for your fence. You can choose a wide range of different styles, from classic pickets to large, tall privacy screens. Further, vinyl can be made into basically any color you'd like - allowing you to capitalize on vibrant colors or patterns if neutral shades aren't the aesthetic you're looking for. 

PVC Fences Are Great For Almost Every Home

A PVC fence is a great, versatile fencing option for most residential properties. If you're in the Limerick, PA area and are interested in installing a new fence on your property or are looking to repair or replace an existing fence line, get in touch with us today! Our team of experienced professionals can work with you to find the best fencing option for your needs. 

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