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Learn How to Paint a Fence that Complements Your Home Color

You don't have to be Gustav Klimt to paint a fence, but you do need to have some knowledge of how colors work together.

Painting a fence in your yard is hard, tedious work. Selecting the color of the finish probably isn't the first thing on your mind, but it matters more than you think. You're probably going to initially go with some shade of brown, white, or a lacquer that brings out the grain in the wood.

And that would be fine. We're not here to tell you how to paint a fence, just to help you paint a fence that'll match with your home instead of clash with it. There's a whole rainbow of colors to choose from, so let's find out which is best for your yard.

How to Paint a Fence the Right Color

There are a few key things to take into account when you're painting a fence. One is prominence, another is material, and the last is the existing colors in your yard. Before you start staining your fence and choosing a color, make sure you've addressed these three factors.

Privacy and the Prominence of Your Fence

The style of your fence will, of course, be dictated by how much privacy you want to have in your yard. A small picket fence isn't offering much in the way of blockage, but a large wooden or vinyl fence will. 

Once you know how much fence you need and how prominent it'll be in your yard, you can decide how reserved or loud you want to be with your fence color.


There are a few main types of fencing that you see in American yards. Wood is the most common, but vinyl and PVC are popular as well.

How does the current material complement what's going on with the exterior of your home? If you've got PVC or vinyl, look at the hue of your siding, trim, or brick. Use these shades to find a complementary color.

You can also look within the home to find things to complement your fence. For instance, hardwood floors in an old home really look great against the backdrop of a stained wood fence, when looking through your kitchen window.

What Does Your Yard Look Like?

Most importantly, you need to take into account what's going on in your yard. If you've got a busy garden or a large green yard, then your fence should support its vibe while containing it.

Are your plants earthy and warm in color? Maybe stick with a darker brown or earthy green.

Do you have lots of vibrant flowers up against the fence? Then, consider painting the fence with something a little more extravagant. 

Using the image of your house and the contents of your yard, you should be able to choose a style of fence and a color that'll make the entire package look great. You don't want any one thing to stick out more than another, you just want your whole house-yard-fence combination to look like they belong with one another.

All That's Left to Do

Once you've made this monumental decision, all you've got to do is paint your fence and then enjoy your new-look yard. Spending precious summer days and nights in your backyard is one of the highlights of the year, so make sure that your fence looks great.

Figuring out how to paint a fence is one thing, but figuring out what type of fencing to get for your yard is something else entirely. Visit us at Montco Fence to get all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next fence.

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