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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Fencing for Dogs

There are many reasons to consider installing a fence for your canine pal. 

Not only will your pupper have the ability to run around your yard, but they'll also be protected from any dangers lurking in the neighborhood. With the installation of a dog door, potty time is easier and your dog experiences more freedom. 

Do you have a dog that loves to roam? Here are four things to consider when choosing fencing for dogs.

1. Where to Place Your Fence

The first thing you need to decide is where you are going to place your fence. You have many different options for dog fencing.

You can fence off your whole yard, which creates a safe place for both your family and pets to enjoy themselves. This gives you and your loved ones more privacy and protection but changes the curb appeal of your home. 

You can also choose to only fence a portion of your yard, such as the back yard or a side yard. This can preserve the curb appeal of the front of your house while still giving your dog room to run. 

2. Height of Fencing

Next, you need to think about your dog fence height. 

There is no perfect answer for how tall a dog fence should be. Instead, it all depends on the breed and activity level of your dog. 

If you own a smaller dog, opt for a lower fence. But, some breeds can jump as high as six feet into the air. If you own a larger breed that can jump, consider a six-foot-tall fence. 

Your fencing contractor can help you decide which height is best for you if you're unsure. 

3. Best Fencing Materials 

Once you know where you want your fence and how tall it needs to be, it's time to choose your fencing material

Some of the more popular fencing options include:

Aluminum and chain link fencing are usually see-through and require less maintenance. PVC and wood fences can be solid, which provides privacy and oftentimes greater curb appeal. 

4. Fencing Regulations

The last thing to consider before installing your dog fencing is any neighborhood, city, or county regulations. 

The number one thing regulated is the height of fencing. In residential areas, most ordinances limit fence height at six feet. For this reason, we don't recommend installing fencing any taller than this. 

Other regulations may determine what type of material your fencing can be and how close to your property line it can sit. Talk to a local fencing contractor to understand the regulations before you start the installation process. 

Let Them Roam — Buy Fencing for Dogs

Now that you know what to consider when buying fencing for dogs, you need a reputable fencing company. 

Montco Fence is the best choice for a fencing contractor in the Phoenixville and surrounding Pennsylvania area. Our family-owned business builds your fence, post by post, specifically for your family's — and pet's — needs. 

Contact us today for a free estimate! 

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