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Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Hot Maintenance Tips for Metal Fencing

Metal fences are well known for their durability and functionality. This doesn't mean they don't need some TLC from time to time! Maintaining your metal fencing is essential for a slick appearance and good performance.

If you want to learn more about fence maintenance and keeping your metal fence in top condition, check out these easy tips.

Clean Your Metal Fencing Regularly

Whether you've got metal panels, aluminum fencing, or chain link, regular cleaning is a must. If your fence is exposed to the usual dust, mud, plant matter, and dirt, a good rinse off followed by towel drying should do. 

Bird droppings, salt spray from road salt, or other tough residues should be washed away by a mild soap and water solution. Always use paint and metal safe soap, such as those that are safe for car washing. 

Keep Rust Under Control

Rust can be an issue with many types of metal fencing. Fences are exposed to rain and moisture constantly, so they need protection. 

An application of a rust-resistant finish can inhibit rust formation, extending the life of your fence. This can be clear or colored paint.

Perhaps you've spotted rust corrosion already and need to know how to remove rust from metal fences. If you find a rusted area, use a wire brush to remove the rust. Rust should be sanded off until you're down to the bare metal. At this point, a new coating of rust-resistant finish can be applied.  

Maintain Your Paint

If you have a painted metal fence, you should routinely do a visual scan to look for any peeling, blistering, or cracking of the fence's paint. If you come across a problem spot, it should be addressed right away.

Similar to treating a rusted area, damaged paint should be brushed and sanded away to expose the bare metal beneath. The metal can then be primed and painted to prevent further corrosion.

Oil Hinges and Gate Components

While regularly oiling your fence's hinges and gate parts won't have a big visual impact, it will definitely affect the function and life span of your fencing. These functional components of the fence are always exposed to precipitation and moisture, making them susceptible to rust corrosion.

A rusted hinge or latch can make it difficult to open and close the gates of your metal fence. Keep a regular oiling schedule for these parts. Use oil liberally in and around hinges and any latch components that require a good range of motion for proper function.

Keep Screws and Nails Tight

Loose screws and nails can become a big problem. Always do a visual inspection and tighten any loose screws, nails, or bolts to maintain fence integrity.

Maintenance for Long-Lasting Metal Fencing

Keep your metal fencing looking and performing the way it should with proper maintenance. Metal fence maintenance is easy to keep up with and will reward you with years of great looks and function.

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