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7 Secret Tips to Choosing the Best Fencing Company

Monday, January 6, 2020

A fence is a standalone structure designed to hinder unauthorized persons from trespassing. It also helps to improve security around your home and curb appeal. Over the past few years, the fencing market has grown thanks to the booming construction industry.  

Experts forecast that the US fencing market will reach $11.68 billion by 2025. As a homeowner, it is important to protect your most prized investment – your home. To do so, you need to install a fence.   

This calls for the best fencing company.   

By choosing the best fence installers, not only do you receive a free estimate but top-notch services.  

In this post, we reveal the 7 secret tips to choosing the best fencing company. 

1. Ask About the Types of Fencing Materials on Offer

As a homeowner, installing the right fence can increase the value of your home. Available fencing materials offered by a vast majority of fencing companies include:  

  • Wood  
  • Aluminum  
  • PVC  
  • Vinyl  
  • Wrought iron  
  • Chain-link  
  • Bamboo and others 

By learning the types of fencing materials on offer, you get to choose what fits your needs. 

2. Check Their Portfolio

Any fencing company that has an extensive business history is a strong indicator that its trustworthy. Also, it shows that the company has worked for many clients in the community. Before choosing the company, ask for their portfolio.  

Most fencing companies already have a portfolio published on their website. Take a quick look and if satisfied, then you can consider the company as a candidate. 

3. Ensure the Company Has a License and Insurance

A trustworthy company should be licensed, insured and bonded. In case of work-related accidents at your home, you will not be liable to pay for any medical costs. If the company is not licensed, insured and bonded, that is a red flag.

4. Must Understand the Building Permit Process

The best fence installers should understand all procedures to ensure the project is above board. That means obtaining the necessary building permits before beginning work. By doing so, they ensure the general safety and structural standards are met. 

5. Must Offer Installation Warranty

If a company offers a warranty, it’s a strong indicator that they offer high-quality products too. What you need to know is that the company will offer a warranty on installation and materials. When it comes to warranty length, the longer the duration, the better for you.  

6. Should Be Able to Provide the Project Timeframe

Any professional contractor should provide an estimate and time frame for the project. By doing so, they allow you to plan and budget. Also, it helps you make an informed decision. 

It is also important to know who will be in charge of the project. Take their contact details just in case you have questions. 

7. Able to Offer Many Payment Options

Today, businesses offer many payment options such as credit cards, PayPal and others. This is convenient for customers like you. You may also want to find out if the contractor can complete the work on finance. 

Choosing a Fencing Company near You

Want to find a fencing company in your area? Search using the following keyword – fencing company near me. This will provide local results and help you connect with the best contractor.  

Don’t forget to read reviews online, and ask how the contractor will dispose of your old fence. 

Are you in search of a professional fencing contractor who offers practical solutions at affordable prices? We at Montco Fence can help. Contact us today!

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