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"Just as Good as Jerith"

One question we get asked is “Why does Jerith cost more than this other aluminum fence?”

There are a variety of “imitation” Jerith fences that are available from fence contractors, online, and at hardware stores. Most sellers of these imitation products claim that their fences are “just as good as Jerith” but cost less. Here are the real facts. Most of these products:
Don’t use the same type of high-strength aluminum alloy that we use and they may not have the same wall thickness as our products, which lowers the ir strength even more. It is easy to pretend to match our material specifications, but much more difficult to actually match our performance. If you want to check the strength of the fence, ask a friend or two to stand with you on the bottom horizontal rail of an installed imitation fence. If it ends up with a permanent bend in it, that fence is NOT “as good as Jerith.” Our fence sections hold 350 lbs. 
Don’t use the same alloy in their castings (caps, latches, accessories) as we do to prevent corrosion, which you won’t discover for about 5 or 6 years. That is when the coating will start peeling off as the casting oxidizes, especially if you are near the coast. At that point you’ll realize that the fence is NOT “as good as Jerith.”
Don’t use a finish that lasts as long as our FencCoat finish. Our FencCoat finish has been tested to meet or exceed the AAMA 2604 requirements that are discussed in the article. Again, very few fences have a finish that is “as good as Jerith”, but you won’t find this out until the fence has been up for a while.
Don’t have the exposure of national advertising. We advertise in a wide variety of magazines and on TV to promote our products. On the East Coast, where we are known best, people don’t ask for an “aluminum fence”, they ask for a “Jerith fence”. Sometimes this leads to problems though. On more occasions than I care to count, fence companies have sold a customer a “Jerith fence”, but installed an inferior substitute – the old “bait and switch”. That is why the Jerith script logo is on each horizontal rail, post cap, and gate cap - to ensure that you are getting the quality products you paid for.
Don’t have a reputation for standing behind their products. Several aluminum fence manufacturers have declared bankruptcy or simply shut their doors over the past few months. What good is a warranty from a company that has only been in business for a few years (or may only last a few more)? Or worse yet, what good is a warranty from a Chinese manufacturer? How will you get in touch with them regarding a problem? We have been making our aluminum fences nearly 50 years and have used the same 800 number (800-344-2242) since disco was popular, so you can always find us and let us know if you have a problem. It doesn’t happen too often, but we will be there if it does.
Don’t make their products in the U.S. or use mostly imported materials because it is cheaper to make aluminum fence that way. Our aluminum extrusions are all made in the U.S., as well as all of our powder-coating supplies. The hidden fasteners for our residential fences are produced in the U.S., along with our boxes and pallets. About the only imported materials we use are some hardware and accessories, which are small portions of the overall cost of our products. By sourcing our materials domestically, we can control our quality better, provide quicker shipments, offer a wider variety of colors, heights, and styles, and give faster response to problems than virtually all of our competition.

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