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Which Jerith Fence is Right for Your Home?

 Jerith has three different strengths (or grades) of fence that are appropriate for residential usage - our Liberty Line, Residential Line, and Regency/Aero lines of fencing. Sometimes the differences between these grades can make it a little hard to decide which one is right for you. Here is a quick guide.

Let’s start with our standard Residential line. This type of fence offers the widest variety of heights and styles, and is our most popular. The pickets are 5/8” square and the rails are 1” x 1” U-shaped channels, so that the 3-rail fence sections can hold up to 350 lbs. without permanently bending. For the vast majority of fencing around a home, the Residential Grade of Jerith is the perfect answer. This is what other aluminum fences strive to be!
Our Regency line is a step up and uses slightly larger components. The pickets are ¾” square and the rails are 1½“ high x 1” wide, so they can support over 500 lbs. per section. Our Aero fence also uses larger components (rails are about the same as Regency, pickets are 1" x 5/8" rectangles) but it has a unique rounded-corner appearance. If you have any concerns about kids or dogs damaging your fence, or if you simply want a more substantial barrier surrounding your property, then our Aero or Regency Fence would be a better choice for you than Residential. Even though these two fence lines are nearly 50% stronger than our Residential Strength Fence (in a 6' length. The additional cost is minimal compared to the added strength. 
Finally, if the price of your fence is more of a concern than its strength, then our Liberty/American Series fences are the best fit for you. Liberty Fence is priced about 10-20% below our Residential Fence, and is comparable in cost and strength to many Jerith imitations and the imported knock-offs. Liberty's component sizes match our Residential line, but with slightly thinner walls. Liberty Series sections have 1" x 5/8" pickets with rails and posts which are the same as Residential. Because we still use our high-strength HS-35 alloy for the liberty line, the sections can still hold over 250 lbs. each, even with their thinner walls. The Liberty line is only offered in a limited number of heights, colors, and styles compared to the Residential Line
All grades of fence are backed by Jerith’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, so any of them will serve you well for many years to come!

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