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Four Ways Your Children Benefit From An Outdoor Playhouse

When it comes to outdoor playhouses, parents have a lot of reasons for buying them and setting them up. While some of those reasons may be more about the parents, your children do have something to gain. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are four important ways your children will benefit from having a playhouse in their backyard.
1. Your children will be healthier and stronger for it.
Physical activity is important for your child's health and growth, and playhouses can play a huge role in getting them to move around. With all of the running, sliding, crawling, and climbing they'll do, the muscles in their backs, hands, and legs will get stronger and help keep their bones healthy as well as their overall growth.
Bonus? They won't be sitting around the television all day.
2. They'll sleep better at night.
The more time your children spend outside playing during the day, the more tired they will be at the end of the day and the easier it will be for them to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Sleep plays a critical role in their physical and mental development, and playhouses encourage them to spend more time wearing themselves out.
3. They'll learn valuable life skills.
Whether it's motor skills, social skills, time management skills, or responsibility for themselves and others, having a playhouse will encourage your children to develop valuable skills they will need to get around and be good citizens in our world.
4. They'll be able to explore the world around them... without leaving the safety of home.
Television and books can open your children's eyes to new worlds, but playhouses give them the opportunity to explore the world around them using their senses - sight, smell, touch, and hearing. They also give your child a place to stretch their imagination and try new things. 
And the best part? Because it's in your yard, you get to explore it all again with them.
Contact us today for more information about setting up the perfect playhouse for your family's outdoor space.

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