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Are You Considering Buying A She-Shed?

Among the many attractive custom products produced by Montco Fence, sheds are a very popular option. Building custom sheds allow the customer to have a voice in the details of the final product. A shed that undoubtedly continues to gain popularity among women is the "she-shed". She-sheds are not necessarily built any differently from a regular storage shed. What is different, is how they are used.

In many ways, a she-shed is the female answer to a man cave, but it can be so much more. Women are transforming storage sheds from a place that holds mowers, patio equipment, and gardening tools into their own private oasis. A short list of she-shed uses include:

  • a private place away from the main house to read, sleep, or simply chill out;
  • a place for hobbies or crafting;
  • a pottery, painting or writing studio;
  • a workout space or an area to practice yoga;
  • a potting shed; and
  • an office space for those who need to bring work home.

If thinking about a she-shed, start by considering the main purpose of your shed and perhaps some secondary uses. For instance, could your quiet garden oasis double as a location for a girl's night out? Or could your new office space also double as a suitable location for your painting hobby? Will your she-shed solely be a place for crafting? Since your shed is custom, it can easily be built to satisfy your specific needs. As a garden oasis that doubles as a gathering space, you may wish to include window boxes and a little porch area. If you will paint there, oversized windows may just be the ticket. For crafts, you undoubtedly want to consider adding extra interior shelving.

Keeping your specific purpose in mind, the Montco team is ready to go over every detail with you. We'll discuss the size shed you will need as well as any special details you are looking for. Once in your yard, claim your space! Furnish and decorate any way you desire. Small sofa, daybed, desk, chairs? Fancy trimmings or thrift store finds? A patio area with shrubs and plantings? Paint the interior? Curtains on the windows? The creative choices are yours.

Contact Montco Fence today and ask for a free estimate for your new storage, er...she-shed. No matter what your new shed needs are, our professionals will create the perfect space for you.

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