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Five Planter Styles That Will Dress Up Your Garden (and Outdoor) Space

Are you adding a garden as part of your plans for the ultimate outdoor space? Here are five planter styles you should consider.

1. Wood Planters

If you are looking for something to add a rustic touch to your outdoor space, a wood planter is the perfect choice. Wood planters are generally lightweight, so you can move them as needed. They also are not affected by cold winter temperatures, although you should make sure the wood is treated so it does not rot over time. Wood options include pine, cedar, redwood and cypress.

2. Terra Cotta Planters

These planters are a more traditional choice, and its color depends on the clay they were made from - classic orange-red, pink, brown, beige, or off-white. You also have the option of glazed (usually clear) or unglazed. They are heavy, although not quite as hefty as others, and will not be blown over in a storm. However, they are prone to drying out in windy and sunny conditions, and to cracking, chipping or flaking in the winter.

3. Concrete Planters

The heaviest on the list, concrete planters are cast in molds to get their shape and size. Color can be added in the mixing process. Be certain about where you want them, because they are difficult to move once they are in place. A huge bonus, though, is that they can stand up to harsh winters.

4. Metal Planters

Cast iron, copper, aluminum and galvanized tin are the more popular metals to use for this style, but they are not the only options. There are numerous style options to suit varying planting situations, and their weight will depend on the size and metal used. Iron planters will rust with exposure and age and can crack in cold weather, and copper will acquire a patina over time. These planters can heat up under direct sunlight, so place them in shaded areas.

5. Plastic/Fiberglass Planters

Containers like these are described in a variety of ways - from plastic and fiberglass to resin, cast, or extruded, depending on what or how they are made. They come in any style or color possible, including imitations of others on this list. They are extremely lightweight and better at retaining water than other planters. However, they will fade with exposure and may crack under harsh or extreme winter weather conditions.

Whether you are looking at planters or other options to complete your outdoor spaces, contact Montco Fence today. We would love to explore the options with you.

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