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5 Benefits of Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing has been a long-time favorite of homeowners across the country. This should really come as no surprise given all the history that comes with certain designs, and how rooted so much of our culture is in the mere idea of a white picket fence. Here are a few reasons why a classic wooden fence may be perfect for your home.

1: Affordability

While specific styles or types of wood can certainly cost more than the baseline, standard wooden fencing is generally the most cost-effective fencing available, making it a great option for any budget.

2: Aesthetics

Wooden fencing can be installed in a variety of different styles depending on the homeowner. In addition, wood can be stained or painted nearly any color to match or contrast the home it's attached to. As a result, wooden fences can easily be made into aesthetic focal points, or permitted to fade in with the rest of the design.

3: Durability

It's no great secret that a properly installed and cared for wooden fence can last for decades. While some maintenance will be required to keep any warping or rot due to moisture, this usually takes the form of painting or staining and periodic health checks.

4: Privacy

While the more open wooden fencing designs miss the mark on this point, it's hard to beat a standard wooden privacy fence. Since wood is such an abundant and easy to work with material, planks can be made in a variety of heights, ensuring you and your family have proper privacy in your own backyard.

5: Property Value

A properly looked-after wooden fence is a solid long-term investment in any property. A good, quality wooden fence can work to set your house apart from the rest of the neighborhood and may even give you an advantage if you ever sell your home.

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