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When Should You Choose Aluminum Fencing?

While many homeowners choose to go the more traditional wooden route when it comes to fencing, you may be surprised by how many benefits an aluminum fence can offer. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if aluminum fencing is right for you.

1. Cost

While chain link fencing is generally cheaper than aluminum, both are durable enough to pay for themselves over the course of their lifetime. If you have a bit of extra room in the budget, you certainly won't lose anything by springing for aluminum.

2. Security

If security is a concern for you, then aluminum is likely to be your best option when compared to chain link fencing. While both can withstand a fair bit of blunt force, chain link can be cut with the proper tools. When manufactured properly, aluminum is rigid and not easily bent, making it harder to break down.

3. Aesthetics

Aluminum also has the advantage of being more aesthetically versatile, being available in designs which can really draw attention to the positive features of a house or yard. It can even simulate the look of a more expensive wrought iron fencing.

4. The Environment

If you're looking to make your home as eco-friendly as possible, or even just want to do a little more for the environment when you can, aluminum is a great option. The material is highly recyclable, meaning that it's possible to have a fence made in a way that's easier on the environment, and to have your own fence recycled at the end of it's life.

If you're in need of an aluminum, chain link, custom wood, vinyl, picket, post & rail, or any other sort of fence, contact us at Montco Fence today! We also offer a range of other products such as sheds, gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, playhouses, dog houses, lamp posts, planters, and even mailbox posts - everything you need to make your house's outdoor space a part of your home.

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