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Gazebo or Pavilion? Montco Fence Has You Covered

An outdoor structure is a perfect place for entertainment, protection from the sun and functions as an escape where you can comfortably enjoy nature. And when you a hire reputable company for a pavilion or gazebo installation in Montgomery County, you can count on your outdoor structure standing strong for many years to come.
But it isn't uncommon for people to be confused about the differences between pavilions and gazebos, which is why we're going to clear the air for you. By doing so, you'll be able to select the right choice for your property. Join us below as we describe what pavilions and gazebos are, as well as discuss similarities and differences to help guide your decision-making.    

What are pavilions?

Used for a various outdoor activities and entertainment—such as parties, banquets, weddings and other special events—pavilions are a popular choice among homeowners interested in hosting large gatherings. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from; each of which can add a signature element to your landscape design.
Typically appearing as small homes or sheds without any walls, these architectural structures are beautifully designed and show a fine level of craftsmanship. Having served a multi-purpose use for over two centuries, pavilions continue to enhance the curb appeal and utility of homes everywhere.
These elegant structures are also found on business campuses, in parks and other venues where they are commonly used for picnics and relaxing facilities. Providing shade from the sun, pavilions are a perfect place for enjoying nature, breathing in fresh air and appreciating the outdoors without discomfort.

What are Gazebos?

Just like pavilions, gazebos are a great place for people to kickback and unwind away from the pressures of the daily grind. However, these structures are generally rectangular or octagon shaped with wall panels, railings and a domed roof supported by eight symmetrical pillared columns, providing slightly more enclosure then pavilions.
As such, gazebos tend to have an increased number of features and are available in more styles. They can also be screened in or come with a door. Still, the roofing, wood, paint and other materials used to build a gazebo often resemble those used to build a pavilion—and, in the same way, can be customized to your interests.
As an ideal addition to a patio, deck, pool, garden or backyard, gazebos make it easier than ever to entertain friends or simply relax in a comfortable outdoor space. While reading a book, viewing your garden or enjoying dinner, these structures can provide protection from the sun, wind and even rain.
Similar to pavilions, gazebos are installed on business campuses, in parks and other public places where protection from the sun and relaxation are key. They also add a visually appealing element to these types of areas, capturing the attention of guests and passersby.       

The Biggest Deciding Factors

While gazebos may offer more features for your outdoor structure, they are usually more expensive for homeowners. But it's important to remember that whichever one you choose will not only provide an ROI in terms of functionality, but also if you decide to sell your home; buyers have a special interest in these kinds of outdoor features.
In addition, since gazebos provide more enclosure than pavilions, you should consider exactly what you plan on using this structure for. For example, if you simply want a shaded area where you can lounge and enjoy a clear view of your backyard, a pavilion may be the better option. On the other hand, if you prefer a surrounded space where you can dine and have more protection from the elements, you might want to go with a gazebo.
In the same light, if you're a business owner, a gazebo may provide more comfort for your staff during lunch breaks. Either way, both structures can add a one-of-a-kind feature to your property, improving its curb appeal and providing a relaxing space where you can escape the sun while still soaking in everything nature has to offer. You simply can't go wrong no matter which way you go! 
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