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Wood Fence vs Vinyl Fence: Choosing the Right Fence For You

Wood vs Vinyl

At Montco Fence we offer both wood and vinyl fencing so the question of which is the best choice for your fence will depend on your individual fencing project needs. Questions to consider include:
  • Are you looking to enhance privacy, or perhaps you simply want a well-defined property line?
  • Do you prefer a clean modern look or a more rustic fence to enhance the historical appeal of an older house?
  • Do you have a custom fence design in mind?
  • How much time do you want to spend on yearly maintenance?
  • How much do you want to invest?
All of these are important considerations when it comes to the choice between wood and vinyl fences. We can build all styles including privacy, picket, and post and rail fences for you using either material, so let's take a closer look.

Country Estate Vinyl Fence

We are a Country Estate Authorized Independent Dealer, and if you're looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance fence with a 50-year warranty, this is the fence for you.
A vinyl fence may require a larger initial investment in terms of cost but the advantages in durability and low maintenance required over the years pay off in the long run. Pennsylvania winters can be tough on fences, and the seasonal extremes in temperature and humidity make vinyl the fence material of choice if durability and ease of maintenance is your priority.
Country Estate produces a superior PVC product which is impervious to weather and ultraviolet exposure. Our expertise with Country Estate fence installations has won us many awards from the company. You can see some examples for yourself at this link.

Montco's Custom Built Wood Fences

For some properties and homeowners, only a traditional wood fence will do, and we're happy to build one for you board by board. Wood fences are the choice if you're looking to paint or stain, or if you prefer a more rustic style. That's not to say that a wood fence can't also be elegant, make sure to check out the link below. Unlike many fence companies, we do not use prefabricated factory stamped sections to build our high-quality wood fences.
Custom wood fencing will require some ongoing maintenance to protect it from the elements as years go by, but the initial cost is usually less expensive than vinyl. Wood fencing might also be a more economical alternative for smaller applications such as around sheds or to partition backyards and patios for dogs or kids. We'll erect your wood fence on site with sturdy 4x4 posts set in concrete, backed with 2x4 rails. Custom built gates can augment your custom fence design, and we have over 30 styles of wood fence available.
We've got wood and vinyl fencing and more for your next backyard project. Montco Fence proudly serves the Pennsylvania regions of Royersford, Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Douglassville, Collegeville, Skippack, King of Prussia, Malvern, Phoenixville and West Chester from our two locations in Limerick and Bechtelsville, so don't hesitate to contact us for all your fencing needs.

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